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Flushing units now for rent!

16 Februari 2017, 00:00

Flushing units now for rent!

grote unit  kleine unit

It is possible to rent a flushing unit from Hydroflex Hydraulics.
There are two available units: a big and a smaller sized unit. They are available as multifunctional flushing units and offer the possibility to flush dismantled piping, coolers or other components of size.
Therefore the flushing units are ideal for use in industrial environments or for example in the maritime sector.

For all the specifications, please see our website or contact our sales department:
The Netherlands - Oud-Beijerland:  +31 (0)186 620 777
The Netherlands - Rotterdam:   +31 (0)10 283 90 00
Belgium - Brussel:   +32 (0)2 267 41 14

Intrigued to know more, check out our rental services page

flushing units for rent