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hose service

Downtime of machines is a tedious and often costly. Defective hoses must be replaced as soon as possible and malfunctions or leaks are rectified as quickly as possible.

For the time as short as possible, we have set up a service center hoses. Located in the harbor of Rotterdam, we relieve many customers. Through our warehouse where we have many of our products in stock, we are able to resolve many problems directly. During business hours, our service desk is open for emergency repairs and / or emergency supply of hoses, fittings, etc .. Direct hose assembly is made possible by our well-equipped workshop.

There is immediate urgency than we put in our service bus. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can be reached to provide assistance on location. Our service bus offers a fully equipped mobile workshop which we can provide support in direct surveying of high pressure hoses and assembling locally and assemble them.

Outside office hours and on weekends our service is accessible via +31 (0)10-2839000.