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(Flow & temperature: Measure, display, switch, transmit)

The FlowHUB is ideal for condition monitoring, test stands and closed loop control applications both for fluid power and lubrication systems. 
Wide range of options: Choice of analogue outputs V or mA, two programmable switches, complete with adaptors fitted (BSP or SAE), engineering units lpm / US gpm.

1) Flows up to 360 lpm (100 US gpm) 
2) Pressure up to 420 bar (6000 psi) 
3) Accuracy 3% of full scale 
4) 5 flow sizes range of: 1-360 lpm, 0.25-100 US gpm 
5) Repeatability better than 1% 
6) Temperature measurement built-in 

Hydroflex ref.: 1145-FLHS